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Top Tips for Healthier Happier Spaces

Barry Gray

Barry Gray is a Broker / Agent at Compass Beverly Hills,  specializing in the marketing and sale of residential architecture, historic properties...

Barry Gray is a Broker / Agent at Compass Beverly Hills,  specializing in the marketing and sale of residential architecture, historic properties...

Jan 29 4 minutes read

When most people remodel their historic homes in Los Angeles, they focus on changes that will add monetary value to the structures. However, as Americans spend increasingly more time in their houses, many are starting to see the value in upgrades that contribute not just to their bottom lines but also to their health and happiness. Whether you plan to sell your home or you simply crave a positive change in your life, consider investing in property renovations that don’t just look good but that make you feel good as well.   Here are a few suggestions from Ray Flynn of

1. Refresh Paint Colors for an Instant Mood Boost.

According to The Art of Simple, the brain releases different chemicals based on what colors the eyes connect with. These chemicals elicit both physical and emotional reactions, which can affect long-term health. For instance, red rooms increase heart rate and stimulate chemicals that are commonly associated with high energy levels and aggression. If you surround yourself with red, you may live in a constant state of high energy. Yellow, on the other hand, releases serotonin. Yellow is associated with reduced depression, more laughter and increased heart health.

If your space doesn’t trigger positive feelings, paint your room’s colors that will. Painting is a change you can easily do yourself. However, hiring professional painters can allow you to achieve the desired results with little mess and fuss.

2. Revamp Your Kitchen.

Many Americans said the pandemic opened their eyes to what did and didn’t work in their homes. If you agree, invest in a kitchen remodel that will improve the appearance of your space, increase its functionality and encourage you to prepare healthy meals. Though you should work with an experienced designer, some kitchen design tips include adding floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, investing in energy-efficient appliances, installing creative lighting and designing with organization in mind.

If you need pipes repaired or replaced, hire a professional plumber. Though plumbing services can cost you anywhere between $45 to $150 per hour, they’re well worth it if you want the job done right the first time around. To find local help, search for “plumbers near me reviews.” Check a plumber’s credentials before hiring.

3. Let More Natural Light In.

Natural light offers significantly more benefits than a reduced energy bill. Exposure to the sun boosts vitamin D, improves sleep and increases productivity. It also contributes to a positive mood. If your home is lacking in natural light, brainstorm ways to change that. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in structural changes, consider sheer curtains instead of thick ones; use mirrors to reflect what light does stream in; invest in glossy surfaces; add greenery; and make sure your existing windows remain unobstructed. If you have the budget, consider adding windows, skylights, and sliding doors. Plan on paying between $1,000 and $5,000 to do so.

4. Prepare To Sell.

 Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your health and happiness is to sell your home and buy one that already has everything you need. If you plan to sell, work with a professional like Barry Gray who can make sure your improvements are those that today’s buyers want and increase your property value. Also, it doesn’t hurt to keep receipts and take before and after photos to impress potential buyers.

In a time when people value health above almost anything else, it makes sense to implement home improvements designed to boost happiness. To make positive changes, consider doing the above.

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